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Areda Batu

Ethiopian Textiles and Fashion Portal (ethiotextile.com) is the only web portal catering to the needs of the Ethiopian textile sector and all the stakeholders of the textile and apparel manufacturing sectors. It is also a portal and directory to manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the Ethiopian fashion and textile. Have an expert opinion on the latest trends within the world of textile & fashion related articles or news about Ethiopian Textile Sector? Here is your chance to get featured on Ethiopian Textile and Fashion Portal.  You will be glad to know that above 30,000 page views and 10,000 unique visitors are visiting regularly on this site from all corners of the world. Publishing your articles/research paper with fashion, textile, Garments, will provide you the opportunity to represent your experience, knowledge and perspective to the rest of fashion, textile and garment industry. Please be confirm that the content is not copyrighted.


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