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About Ethiotextile Portal

Areda Batu

The Ethiopian Textiles and Fashion  Portal is a gateway to the Textile and Fashion sector designed, developed, and Implemented by Infinity Consultancy PLC. Infinity consulting PLC was established by textile and fashion professionals in September 2016 with the prime purpose of supporting the development of the Ethiopian Textiles and fashion business through consultation. Our company is advising businesses on how to use state-of-the-art business models, ICT technologies, contemporary leadership, and human resource development approaches to cope with the dynamics of rapid change taking place in the 21st century. Currently, manufacturers and service providers are using the power of Information Communication Technology to leverage their businesses. In this view, infinity consulting plc had developed and implemented a web portal that brings together on one platform all stakeholders in the textile and fashion sector the list of which includes manufacturers, accessories suppliers, dyestuff and chemical suppliers, governmental institutions, associations, academic institutions, development partners, professionals, and other stakeholders to exchange information, conduct research, collaborate, form partnerships or create commercial links with one another.

The web portal includes such vital features as a directory of all stakeholders, forums, investments, jobs, interviews, and best practices in the sector. All the available websites in the sector will be linked to the main portal to make every information about the sector accessible from one spot. The portal will provide a one-spot facility for small and micro enterprises, large manufacturing facilities, retailers, researchers, policymakers and importers, and exporters and serves as an instant and effective communication network.

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