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Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory in Ethiopia  aspires to become leading 100 % cotton made products manufacturer that fully satisfy customer’s need in Ethiopia and around the world.


  • To produce and sell 100% cotton yarn, blanket, knitted fabrics, and apparels products that fully satisfy customers’ need in Ethiopia and abroad.
  • Expand the market share, there by generating sustainable profit and benefiting all the stakeholders in Ethiopia and abroad.
  • To generate foreign exchange by increasing export from Ethiopia.


The goal of the firm(Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory in Ethiopia) is to maximize share holders value through sales maximization & productivity improvement. The company,which is found in ethiopia (Addis Ababa), pursuing export market for the purpose of increasing sales by expanding market segment. The company’s management expects that the outcome of their efforts in development on export plan is critical to the survival and growth of the business.

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Yirgalem Addis Textile factory plc gives different service
  • Knitting  and Dyeing  Service
  • Washing Service
  • Cutting, Measuring, tailor and Ironing Service a garment fabrics.



The spinning section produces more than 12,000kg per day by its ring and open end sub section.

Knitting plant

The knitting plant produce various types of knit constriction such as jersey, rib, pique, popcorn, interlock. The knitting plant produces 10,500kgs of griege knit fabric per day.

Dyeing and Finishing plant

The dyeing plant produces 10,000kgs of finished knit fabrics per day.


The garment plant produces 15,000pcs of finished basic knit garment per day.


The blanket unit is equipped with weaving, direct warping and sectional warping, raising, stitch bonding and carding facilities to produce quality woven and woven blanket with a capacity to produce 900pcs of non woven and 1450pcs of woven blankets per day.

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Yirgalem Addis Textile factory plc products are categorized as below

[list list_items=”Various counts of cotton yarn, Bleached yarn, Grieg knitted in various density and constructions (including collar and cuff), Stock net, Dyed knit fabrics, 100% cotton knit garment such as crew neck t-shirt, polo shirt and under wears, Sport wear, Woven garment likes work wear and military uniforms, Stone washed garment, Embroidered Garment, Woven Blanket, Non-Woven Blanket” icon=”fa-icon-ok” icon_bg_color=”#2ecc71″ icon_bg=”circle”]

[list list_items=”Rehabilitation of machineries in knitting, Rehabilitation of machineries in dyeing(Water Treatment is ready to be installed),Expansion of garment line(Partially Completed)” icon=”linecon-icon-like” icon_color=”#f76fbc”]

W/ro Yirgalem Asfaw, CEO

Debrezeit Road Nifas Silk Lafto Addis Ababa 20346/1000 Ethiopia

Email:  yatplc@gmail.com

Phone:  +251114422300,+251114707025, +251114422418

Fax:  +25111402107

Mobile:  +251911527264/65

Ato Nahom Aron

In charge of production and Techniques, Supply and Procurement

Email:  yatmktg@gmail.com

Ato Ermias Alemu

Email:  yatplc@gmail.com

Phone:  +251911527264

Welcome to Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory PLC
Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory PLC is a former Adei Ababa Yarn factory Ethiopia which is privatized from government since Nov, 2010. The Textile factory has more than 50 years experience in spinning, Knitting, Weaving, Dyeing and Garment and Blanket activities. The factory is located in the southern part of capital city of Ethiopia Addis Ababa at Debrezite road, Nifas Silj Lafto Sub city. The location of the Textile factory is well infrastructure and accessible.

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