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April 21, 2024

Vision – Mission

Areda Batu

Our Vision

  • To support Ethiopian textile and garment industry to grow their business and achieve goals through our portal where people can come to find and discover anything they might want about the Ethiopian textile and garment sector.

Our Mission

Our portal is dedicated to providing the services & solutions for Ethiopian textile and garment industry to promote and grow their business worldwide with the help of information technology.

  •  Working to promote products and business with highly professional people
  • Develop responsive proposals that provide cost-effective solutions to our clients’ needs
  • Develop the value-added services and solutions to our clients
  • Appreciate the trust that our clients put in us as we work with them to promote their business and products

Our Uniqueness

We are a team of textile, garment and fashion design professionals committed to support the sector and constantly striving to be balanced, integrated and honest. We will always work with others within our industry to discover new and innovative ways to consistently improve. We will continually educate ourselves and others within a fun environment to achieve maximum enjoyment and effectiveness with every project and service we provide.


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