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September 21, 2021
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Inauguration of Semera Industry Park

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed inaugurated today Semera Industrial Park built with 59 million USD in Afar Regional State. The inauguration of Semera Industry Park in the Afar region is a catalyst for accelerated trade along a key import/ export corridor for the country. The 13th Industrial Park, which is in operation today, is at a short distance from the ports of Djibouti and Assab and is of great economic benefit to the Afar region and our country.

The industrial park has eight production sheds each with ​​5,500 square meters area. The shades are mainly intended for use in cotton, textiles and garments, leather and leather production manufacturing. The Park rests on 2,140 hectares of land. The inauguration of this industry park will create another big opportunity for the fashion sector. 

The proximity of the industrial park to the port of Djibouti is expected to enhance Ethiopian export.

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