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August 1, 2021
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Agreement signed between Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute and Texcoms Textile Solution

In terms of modernizing the textile and apparel sector, it is important to have modern equipment that makes the sector competitive and a competent workforce that can use these tools as needed.
Among the support and services provided by the institute is the need to establish a model workshop consisting of ginning, weaving and finishing machines, as well as various other machines, in order to focus on practical training, research, distribution and product development. Accordingly, the Ethiopian Textile Industry Development Institute and Texcoms Textile Solutions, a business division of Eastern Ghats International Pte. Ltd in Singapore provide adequate equipment and related materials for the workshop. The signed contract agreement will stay for 15-month starting from November 4, 2020.

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Areda Batu

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Areda Batu

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Areda Batu

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