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Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory

Background of the Company

The factory established by the Greece investor its former name of Lazaridis Cotton Mills LTD S.C, in 1954 E.C (1961 G.C) and has its principal company location in the Addis Ababa city area in Ethiopia, created to produce & supply cotton yarn later on by the name of Adei Ababa Yarn Factory and Addis Izemir Textile Factory by expanding into a blanket, knitting, dyeing and garment plants developing self-contained manufacturer with integrated plants. Currently by the name of Yirgalem Addis Textile Factory PLC in 2002 E.C (2010 G.C) was privatized from government ownership on sales basis and created to bringing integrated products & services by under gone through various rehabilitation and expansion projects plus employee’s capacity building programs to improve its capacity and competitiveness in export and domestic markets. The company is located in Addis Ababa Debrezeit Road, Nefas silk-lafto, and it has the advantage of getting electric power supply, proximity to center of the Addis Ababa city market (Merkato) and Mojo dry port and the basic infrastructure of water supply, schools, hospitals, potential train transport and other facilities.


Our mission is to satisfy customers who demand quality apparel and excellent service to ensure the sustainable growth of the business. Our main export customers are fast-moving international companies and our local customers are both organizations and final consumers who trust our brand, traditions, and innovation.


To be one of the nation’s leading apparel, knitting fabrics and blanket manufacturer that satisfies its customer’s need.


    • Fairness and integrity: adhere to the principles of fairness; be honest, transparent and accountable to all stakeholders.
    • Innovation: be oriented towards learning and continual improvement Excellence: be operationally and professionally excellent.
    • Social responsibility: build up belongingness to employees and communities
    • Sustainability: Fulfill our stakeholder responsibilities through disciplined business practices

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